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Posted: Sat Dec 11, 2021 6:44 pm
by admin
As always please read the GENERAL FORUM RULES before posting
Salutations, my dudes! :cool: It's show and tell time! Welcome to the CREATION STATION! Here's some stuff you should do here:
* Share your own completed art/music/projects/etc that you made, or made with friends!
* Share your in-progress work and ask for feedback, beta testers, etc!
* Make prompts and challenges for other members to create around!
* Look for collaborators or post calls for submissions!
* Other stuff that fits in this general vibe!

If you wish to talk about art and stuff that OTHER people made, maybe try Media Zoo instead!

Be encouraging! We are all here making shit and that alone is a whole thing full of stressors. Don't put anyone down for the work they make. Please let people know if you're looking for CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM or simply posting to share. Some folks might want blunt honest opinions about their work, others might just want to show others their stuff. Please respond accordingly! It can be a very vulnerable thing to share your art with others!

Also! Don't think of this as a place to "boost your brand" or "gain followers" or "build clout" - we here see social capital and rise-and-grind hustle culture as being totally bogus. Think of this as a chill, welcoming place to share your art with fellow artists, build community, and like, totally inspire eachother yknow? :cool: