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I've been learning Czech language

Posted: Mon Apr 25, 2022 6:59 pm
by deviled_dregs
on duolingo, idk why I started talking about that but maybe it's all i've been up to besides working. I just wanted a title for this brain hole, i think im kinda bored but also I live with a cool pal and we have a lot of fun but its hard to make friends during pandemic. it was easier when I moved to baltimore bc that was before times. I do dearly love my roommates (one is a cat) but I miss me pals back in bmore and tx and whatnot, i really wish I could like teleport, but then I would be afraid that i would like teleport alll the time and not move my body enough you know? I just feel like that is what would happen. I guess what i'm saying here is I need a car and also knowledge of how to drive idk thanks for reading. I never got to do forums as a kid or teen bc i didnt have a computer until like after that stuff was mostly over so this is reall rad. ttyl! :lizard: