ITT: Unexpected appreciation of things you wouldn't normally like

Share and discuss art and media made out there in the world (music, books, movies, games, etc) by people who aren't you
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ITT: Unexpected appreciation of things you wouldn't normally like

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Post yer pieces of media, music, art, etc that, by all accounts, you shouldn't have much of a reason to care about, and yet you ended up finding a sincere appreciation for. Also accepted: telling us your reasons for liking certain pieces of art that are considered bad / cringe / embarrassing to like. Maybe we can all appreciate them a little more knowing that our fellow forum-mates find something of value in them.


Anyone that knows me knows that I can find something of value to appreciate about pretty much any art, not matter how bad it's considered. Even if sometimes that thing of value is... ironic enjoyment. But, guys: when I somehow ended up on a video of a Japanese cheesy bossa nova cover of Maroon 5's Sunday Morning with a picture of fuckin latte art of a little sun, and decided to listen to it out of half-ironic curiosity, I expected it to sound uninspired and corporate. What I didn't expect was to have a very real very emotional reaction to it :cry:

Now, this might be influenced by the fact that I was already feeling a bit bittersweet and nostalgic when I stumbled on the song. And also the fact that both bossa nova and Maroon 5 occupy attachments to different emotionally potent times of my adolescence. Or maybe? It's? Just? Actually a pretty alright cover? And Maroon 5 might get flack but I'm not afraid to say that Sunday Morning is a pretty dang good song honestly :wink: I just wish they had adapted the instrumental bridge riff instead of just throwing in some guitar solo. Bonus points though for keeping the original pronouns and making it gay


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