Need help finding a very specific word/term

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Need help finding a very specific word/term

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I need a name for a project I'm working on and I want the name to evoke something like... when you're in a competitive or co-operative video game, or yard game, or obstacle course, or whatever. When one player overcomes an obstacle and in doing so, unlocks it so that everyone else can easily pass it. Like, say you went ahead and did a whole puzzle or task and then you lowered a bridge or opened a door and everyone behind you who's having a harder time can simply pass through the bridge/door.

Or just, something evoking assisting another player in a sport, or a game that's a series of challenges. Or just anything that involves YOU giving a :star: boost :star: or powerup to SOMEONE ELSE. If that makes sense.

I don't think there's a specific word for something like this. But, (a) there should be (b) maybe other people have ideas for adjacent things. :frog:

After giving up on finding a term, I've been thinking about using "pit crew" as it evokes a sport but also the role of specifically assisting someone / boosting them.


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