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Sup my dudes, it is I, your most-humble admin :cool: I have received a most holy and important document from high above :woah: I shall relay it to you now:
Welcome to your new kingdom my children! (?) I hope you find this a nice space to stretch out and call home. Before you start posting we have a few things to go over, please read on:

* Absolutely under no circumstances is there to be any hate speech of ANY kind including but not limited to: racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism, body shaming, whorephobia, classism, ETC. This will not be tolerated and you might be banned immediately.

* Don't harass, shame, or bully other forum members, or be any sort of asshole, c'mon guys. Be chill.

* Please post CONTENT WARNINGS (CW:) at the beginning of posts and/or in thread titles that contain content that could be triggering or upsetting to readers. Use best judgement on whether or not a CW is necessarily. If an admin determines that it is, they may add one. If a forum member asks you to add a CW to your post, please do. Some examples of content warnings: abuse, self-harm, death, sexual assault, drug or alcohol use, mental illness, blood, gratuitous violence, etc. Please be specific in areas it feels appropriate (for example: police abuse, parental abuse, etc). Feel free to use the spoilers function to hide triggering content (see "some other stuff" section at the bottom)

* Refer to other members by the pronouns listed in their profile info. You can find the pronoun option under your user profile settings.

* Do not post any photos/videos of abuse towards humans or animals; no photographs/videos of corpses, gore, body horror, roadkill, etc. Skeletons are okay though :dead:

* Please no discussions about carrying out illegal activities or guides on how to commit crimes. We would like to avoid problems with our webhost or legal authorities.

* Please use best judgement around posting NSFW content. If something you post is a little too spicy, we might ask you to remove or censor it. This isn't a reflection of our own views, simply (again) to avoid problems with our current webhost or legal authorities. Perhaps in the future if we can afford to host on a more lenient server, this will change.

* Be yourself, be a version of yourself, be somebody else. Choose to reveal as little or as much about your real-world self as you wish, HOWEVER -- do not pretend to be a member of a cultural group or marginalization that you do not actually belong to or have experience as (for example, no digital blackface). As well, please do not impersonate other forum members or regular plain real-life people.

* Each zone (board) of this land has its own WELCOME post which sometimes has rules/guidelines for that board, please read them as well before posting!

* If you don't know what to make your avatar, please contact the admin and they will assign you an avatar. If you go without an avatar after making 10 posts, you will be automatically assigned an avatar at random. If you need help making an avatar please ask! :^)

For transparency: although this space is open to everyone, it was founded by queer neurodivergent adults (mid-20s and older) and built with a particular audience in mind (people who like to engage in unusual topics; people who like to create and see others create; people who like to learn from, teach, and help one another; people trying to unlearn societal conditioning and heal; people who like to look at things from every angle and can find appreciation even in things they don't quite like; people seeking community online outside of modern social media; people who are up 4 a laff; dudes who just want 2 lay back and kick it with some buds YAKNOW. This space is meant as a chill place to build community and have your brain scratched; and not a place to get all stressed out n stuff. We (the admins) are strictly anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian, anti-colonial, anti-racist. That being said, we are also hosted through a service (namecheap.com) and must abide by their Acceptable Use Policy or risk potential shutdown.

* If you would like your e-mail to be hidden from other members, please go into your User Control Panel, then Board preferences, then click "no" under "Users can contact me by email" There are other handy options in there too.

* If you would like to change the forum theme, there is a drop-down menu in the top right of every page labeled "Style" with a selection of styles with various degrees of gimmickry and readability. If you would like to see another style installed into the board options, please let us know!

* Please tag your topics! You can find a "Tags" entry bar under the subject line. There are a number of already used tags that can be found in a tag cloud at the bottom of the main forum page. An admin may edit your topic to include a common tag if it seems like an obvious fit.

* There is also a SPOILERS function in the text editor, which will hide a passage of text until the reader clicks to reveal it. To use it, either highlight the text and click the crossed-out-eyeball icon OR type this code around the text:

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[spoil]hidden text goes here[/spoil]
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* If you have a question or concern for the forum admins, please don't hesitate to direct message one, or post publicly in the City Hall board. If you have a concern about a specific forum member, we ask that you choose private messaging over public posting.

* If you would like to donate money towards keeping the forum going, or would like to offer server space or something, please direct message an admin! We are working on special perks for folks who donate.

Righteous. Please post responsibly, mi amigos :cool:
~ so sayeth the admin ~