Drahomira Oonagh, Apothecary and Potions Brewer, is peeved

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Drahomira Oonagh, Apothecary and Potions Brewer, is peeved

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making potions is not easy y'know, some people think you can just throw some frogs eye and powdered poppy into a flask and call it a day, but guess what, if you don't have the right species of frog eyeball, the correct stirring utensil, it all goes kaput! You could end up making poison instead of Erlender's Dermatitis Balm, or just like, useless paste. It just really steams me up when people come into my shop asking for Adelaide's Serum, only to say that I charge too much for it and they'd rather chance brewing it themselves. Honestly! Who says that?! Do you even know how long it takes to brew Adelaide's? not to mention harvesting Andere's Cornflower, which only grows in grottos 200 miles west of here AND only works as an ingredient if it's harvested by the same hand which intends to brew it. I collect nearly all my own ingredients, no sketchy sourcing in my shop! I take on those risks and extra burdens, I've studied for thirteen years before beginning my apprenticeship which lasted another thirteen years, I've been running this shop for nearly twenty six years and they have the gall to say they can brew Adelaide's Serum at home????!!! I suppose that's what I get for opening my shop in town instead of across the bog like my elders suggested, then I would only get serious customers....although I suppose I would miss out on the almond pastries I'm partial to at Jaroslav's down the block.....I bet no one ever tells Jaroslav they'd rather figure out how to make almond pastries at home.. :dead:

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