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Me and @beebot watched Holes (2003) last night and holy heck is that a good-ass movie. The layers of history/legend/myth and intertwining family lineages is so fucking well-done. I didn't remember a lot going in but every time something would happen it would jog my memory. I feel like I didn't actually process the majority of the plot when I was younger but I guess that's just how my brain processes things - I remembered a lot of the aesthetics and none of the narrative.

ANYWAY ONE THING WE DISCOVERED - it is heavily implied in the end that Mr. Sir is TRANS??? When the kids find out his legal name is Marion they say "I didn't know Marion was a man's name" and he responds with "it ain't". I feel like if it was meant to be a "lol the tough man has a girl name" joke, they would have written a different response from him. And his name is MISTER SIR and he has a whole vibe to him like his weird fake-looking little sideburns that implies he has sorta heavily altered his appearance?? So uhhhhhh?? That's a weird thing. Anyway that movie fucking rules ok bye


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I would love to hear anyone’s take on Holes (also mr. sir…) wow what a quality rewatching experience

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I love this book. And I thought the movie was well-done. Definitely should give it a rewatch.

I always thought it was a cautionary tale against forced-labor camps, but for "kids."

Here's what I remember without using google:

Some poor kid, Stanley Yelnats, has a dad who is a failed inventor trying to fix foot odor. Stanley brings home some really stinky sneakers he found on the side of the road.

It turns out those sneakers were from a famous sports player and he gets charged with grand theft and sent to a juvie-labor camp where they are forced to dig meaningless holes in the desert.

But secretly the purpose of the camp is to find some buried thing?

No one can escape because the desert is too hostile and all the kids that tried it have died.

And I remember it had a lot of onions for some reason.

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