Tales from the Collabo Sketchbook

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Tales from the Collabo Sketchbook

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For anyone unaware, I always have a running sketchbook specifically meant for collaborative drawing/writing/etc. The original book was started in April 2018. Right now we're on Volume 2 (Mar 2020 - present). I'm probably going to buy / start Volume 3 in March 2022. I plan to scan the entire first volume and make a pdf, but my scanner isnt' great at picking up the different colors.

Here's a few recent pages (with contributions from forum members!)
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I miss the casual collabo sketches’

Might be back in mid/late January?? Cause my mom might come to DC for a meeting and fly me into Maryland..then I would try to visit :P

:frog: :heart: :frog: :heart: :frog:

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