🎸 Modding a broken small guitar

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🎸 Modding a broken small guitar

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So I found this tiny broken guitar in the woods a few weeks ago. The body is completely toast but the neck and head look like they're in okay shape?? So my plan is this: I want to remove the body and attach the neck to something else. I've already removed the strings and anything I could unscrew off the body. I have two conundrums though:

1: How the heck do I get this body detached from the neck?? It's wood glued on. I'm imagining just heating it up real good and slowly picking away at it / wedging something in there very slowly. Anybody got any better ideas?

2: I'm not sure what I should do for a new body. I was originally imagining maybe like a Bo Diddley-esque cigar box sorta situation. It was originally acoustic so I was imagining it being acoustic (like, I guess I could cut out a hole?) but I suppose it could also be electric. Either way I'm imagining installing a pickup and maybe even some other hardware like effects or some sort of MIDI converter out?? built in?? I don't actually know... I've never fucked with any of that sorta stuff. I'm also imagining the back being able to open (with a hinge and lock) even though it'll compromise the sound/tone a bit, it'd be nice to easily access the innards if necessary. Hit me with any and all of your ideas

I figure I'm not going to be able to get the tuning / intonation particularly good if it's a weird broken thing I'm hobbling together so I'm picturing it mostly as a weird experimental attempt at building an instrument (something I've never done but have always wanted to do) so no idea is too weird. My dream would be for it be an acoustic instrument at its core but also trigger some weird electronic shit if it's plugged in
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